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Sa, 15.04.2023 · neànder  

EREMIT - TOUR 2023 Naumanns, Leipzig Einlass: 19:00 · Beginn: 20:00 · Preis: 17 € zzgl. Geb. Tickets
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 neànder | Where do you draw the line between Post-Metal, Doom, Stoner or even Modern Black Metal? Post-Rock and Underground Metal have always been familiar. This is sweeping Ambient music combined with the intensity of a Norwegian Black Metal group. Epic songs hovering around the 10 minute mark. Black Sabbath influenced droning Doom riffs ascending into heavenly, dreamy soundscapes. This album tends to be ritual music. 5 hypnoNc chapters made to be listened in its enNrety.

Founded in 2017 neànder consists of musos from Blackgazers Ånd, Hardcore Punks Patsy O‘ Hara, Berlin Sludgers Earth Ship and live band members from Indie ouUit Casper. They recorded the self-Ntled debut album in winter 2018 at Hidden Planet Studios, Berlin (The Ocean, Abest, Sun Worship) mixed by Jan Oberg from Earth Ship, mastered by Magnus Lindberg from Cult of Luna.

About the crypNc song Ntles a member of the heavy instrumental music collecNve explains: „One night I found 4 or 5 bugs in my room that kept coming back and visi;ng me over and over again, even haun;ng me in my dreams. Some;mes they’re gone for several weeks but then they appear again. I never found out where they came from but it gave me the inspira;on to name our songs aBer those visitors. Both have comparable characteris;cs. They creep, they crawl, they arch up and fly away. Some are small hiding in shadows; some walk the earth like giants.“

I Khàpra | This 09:04 minutes lasNng leviathan is truely a shapeshi^er. From its spheric chrysalis stage it metamorphorses to a demon spreading its wings, heading towards the sun. Like an insider says: „This one is the missing link between Bongripper and Explosions in the Sky“.

II Thũjen | „These weeds have grown where the sun once shone“ – ConnecNng dreamy shoe gaze, blast beats and stoner. Opening with an ambient image; ending with a majesNc and brute riff. Absorbing anything into its orbit.

III Aăs | Beginning with a sonar alike guitar intro followed by one of the heaviest riffs since Sleeps‘ ‚Dopesmoker‘ this monolith holds it all. Ups and downs, theses and anNtheses, dark and light. A shivering soundscape covering valleys and mountains. A tapestry of Post-Metal, Doom, Stoner and Post-Rock. Heavy yet sNll hypnoNc.

IV iimago / V Møder | This beast hides under moss and leaves unNl it emerges from its cocoon to reign from the lowlands to the mountain regions. Møder enthrones with a mighty riff leading into a Thin Lizzyesque‘ bridge that sheperds back to the hide-out. Followed by the final ascent as if tomorrow never shows.

Asked about why they keep their music on an instrumental level the answer is „a singer would reduce us into being either a Metal- or a Post-Rock band. We believe that the sacrifice of lyrics will keep our musical vision open and will help to intend on the music“.

neànders‘ first born is due to release on February 22nd via Hamburg based diy record label Through Love Records, which released stunning records from arNsts such as God Is An Astronaut, Fjørt, Wayste, Lirr and Svalbard, just to name a few.


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